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Setup your online store on Golyc that showcases your products and your company’s branding to an international audience.

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Save time and money going digital

  • Create your account and store on Golyc. No coding skills required.
  • Add the branding and visual identity of your company and a presentation showing its philosophy.
  • Golyc provides you with valuable tools to add your products and showcase them.
  • Reply from your dashboard to requests and orders from your customers.

A global B2B portal

Golyc is a platform for Canadian wholesalers and manufacturers to import, export, and discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities.

Increase your visibility

Our B2B portal gives exporters the power to increase their visibility on the web. Indeed, with Golyc you will stand out from your competitors thanks to an efficient online presentation of your company.

Boost your sales

Golyc has effective tools to showcase your products, so allowing you to attract more customers and reach new international markets.

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